Job title of the week

Time to renew my WordPress subscription. Reminders of bills rarely make me smile, but knowing that there is a “happiness engineer” ready to take care of things did just that. image3

Happiness engineer? What a great job title!

Happiness engineer: Interesting combination of words. In the millions of books Google has scanned, those two words never appeared next to each other. Well, at least from 1800 to 2008.

More recently it seems some folks have taken to doing Google searches of “happiness engineer” starting around 2014.  My guess is that the late 2015 searches are mine…

To my surprise, Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has a blog post on “happiness engineering.” He gave it the hashtag #General_Nonsense, which is perhaps more apt for the present post than for his which is actually quite useful.

“Happiness Engineer”… That would be a great job title for Wally. But my guess is that my WordPress Happiness Engineer takes her job more seriously than Wally would. And by virtue of the fun job title, a mote of happiness was indeed engineered today.image2

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